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Fiber Internet

Residential 100 Mbps Fiber Internet

$64.95/Month + Tax

You have the ability to quickly surf the web, stream high definition movies, download music and send and receive photos faster, and enjoy online gaming without interruption. It’s always on and available when you are ready.

Residential 1 Gbps Fiber Internet

$99.95/Month + Tax

Everything you can do with 100Mb plus support more devices, 10x faster. 

Wireless Routers

Wireless Router

$6.00/Month + Tax

Wireless routers protect your computer(s) by acting as a firewall for added Internet security. GVEC.net offers extended range routers for general surfing and even demanding applications, such as streaming multimedia and multiplayer gaming. 

Why rent a router from GVEC.net?
We can:
• Maintain a better end-user experience
• Troubleshoot connection issues
• Replace failing routers at no cost