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The growth of the Internet has changed how we shop, how we’re entertained, how we communicate, how we gather information and how we get the news. These days, fast, reliable Internet is a necessity in most homes—now you can help us bring it to yours!

Why Fiber?

Fiber to the Home Internet is the fastest Internet technology in the world. It is more reliable than any other type of Internet delivery because the service runs through fiber optic cable consisting of strands of pure glass. A single cable can contain up to a thousand fibers, which increases the ability to deliver large amounts of data at a rapid pace.  

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Sign up here to join the Crowd—help spread the word to bring Fiber Internet to your area. This is a free, NO-OBLIGATION tool that allows you to show your interest in GVEC.net Fiber and empowers you to recruit your neighbors to do the same.

Once you’ve signed up as a supporter, you’ll have access to resources for sharing information on Facebook, sending emails, getting update alerts and sending your neighbors postcards to grow your collective voice and get your area noticed for Fiber even faster.

It’s easy! Just enter your address in the form at the top of this page to let us know you’re interested in service, or sign up if Fiber is available in your area. Then, check the “Zones” tab to see if anyone else has expressed interest in your area, or if more supporters are needed to bring attention to your neck of the woods. 

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